Chidube Anthony Alagbaoso

Lecturer II

[color=#222222; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.8px]Mr. Chidube Anthony Alagbaoso received his B.Sc in Biochemistry (First Class Honours) from the University of Benin in 2009, and in 2012 he was appointed a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Biochemistry due to his outstanding performance during his undergraduate studies. In 2014, he obtained his M.Sc in Biochemistry and was promoted to the rank of Assistant Lecturer in the same year. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Food and Nutritional Chemistry at the Laboratory of Food and Nutritional Chemistry, Kobe University, Japan. Mr Chidube has received a number of awards which includes, (1) University Scholar Award for best-graduating Biochemistry student in 2009., (2) Murli T. Challaram Foundation Scholarship for M.Sc research in 2014, and recently (3) Government of Japan (MEXT) Scholarship Award for his on-going PhD research (2017). He has co-authored research articles both in international, national, and local reputable journals on the various medicinal activities of food components. His current research focuses on the immunomodulatory activities of biologically active components of edible and medicinal mushrooms, and elucidating their mechanism of action on immune factors as it relates to allergic reactions and inflammation.[/color]


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2. Alagbaoso, C. A., Tokunbo, I. I. and Osakwe, O. S. (2015). Comparative Study of Antioxidant Activity and Mineral Composition of Methanol Extract of Seeds of Ripe and Unripe Avocado Pear (Persea americana, Mill.). NISEB Journal, 15 (4): 123-127.
3.Alagbaoso, C. A. and Osubor, C. C. (2014). Electrolytes Balancing and Protective Effects of Hydro-Ethanol Extract from the Sclerotia of Pleurotustuberregium on Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Renal Toxicity in Rats. Nigerian Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 12(1):3-8.