Senior lecturer
B.Sc.'98, PGD. ‘2001, M.Eng.'04, Ph.D. '12

Prof. Ehigiator – Irughe Raphael is a Professor of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (Global Navigation Satellite System, Geodynamics, Engineering Geodesy and Geomatics) in the Department of Geomatics, University of Benin, Nigeria. He received his B.Sc. degree in Surveying, Geodesy and Photogrammetry from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, PGD in Petroleum Engineering, M.Eng. degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from the University of Benin and Ph.D. degree in Engineering Geodesy and GeoInformation systems with emphasis in Geodesy, Global Navigation Satellite systems (GNSS), Geodynamics and Geomatics Engineering from the Siberian State University of GeoSystems and Technologies, Novosibirsk Russia Federation, formally, Siberian state Geodesy Academy, Novosibirsk Russia Federation. He joined Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 2002 as a senior quality control Surveyor. While in SPDC, he was involved in oil and gas Geomatics support in both onshore and offshore. He took part in most Environmental impact accessement (EIA), EER, and Environmental base line studies conducted by SPDC. He was also involved Rig fix and move, Hydrographic Survey, pipe line route and redefinition, establishment of 1st order geodetic controls for SPDC. He was in charge of crude oil storage Reservoir deformation study for SPDC west from 2000 to 2009 before proceeding for a PhD in Russia. He joined the University of Benin in 2014 as an Associate Professor. He is registered by Surveyor council of Nigeria (SURCON), Member Nigerian Institution of Surveyor (MNIS), Member Nigerian Society of Engineer (MNSE). He was appointed in 2014 till date as an Examiner by (SURCON) and Academic board member of Federal School of Surveying Oyo in 2015. His research has focused on; Deformation measurement, Monitoring and Analysis, Precision Engineering Surveys, GNSS and Sensors Positioning, Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV), and mathematical model, Seismic data acquisition and analysis etc. Prof. Ehigiator has authored over 70 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals with a wide spread covering countries like Nigeria, United States of America, Indian, United Kingdom, China, Russia, Switzerland etc. and over 300 projects executed in the oil and gas industries. He also a public commentator in most television station

Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Area(s) of Specialization: 
Expert in Deformation measurement and analysis
Global Navigation Satellite (GNSS)
Geodynamic and Mathematical model
Geomatics Engineering
Petroleum Engineering and Formation Evaluation