Lecturer II
M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

I seek to be part of a research team that is specialised in the field of materials for catalytic & separation processes, recovering of value-added materials from biowastes and renewable energy/ green energy technologies, where my research experience can be enhanced, and my untapped potentials utilized in furtherance of science development and betterment of humanity.
I look forward to initiating scientific innovations that are important in the minimization of pollutants in air, water bodies, and land, in order to have a relatively clean environment.
I love sightseeing, cooking, surfing the internet for news, watching science fiction movies, playing Table Tennis and Volleyball.

Faculty of Engineering
  1. Omoregbe, O., Ihoeghian, N.A., Edokpayi, O., Ossai, J.E. and Awelenje, Q.A. (2018). Thermogravimetric and spectroscopic studies of carbon deposited over SBA-15 supported Ni catalyst during CO2 reforming of methane. The Nigerian Research Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 3(1), 75-86.
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  5. Amenaghawon, N.A., Osemwengie, S.O., Omoregbe O., & Asogwa, U.J. (2015). Application of Experimental Design Method for the Optimisation of Xanthan Gum Production from Pineapple Peels using Xanthomonas Campestris via Submerged Fermentation. Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH) 34(3), 491 – 498.
1.Full scholarship for PhD program in the UK by The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) | June 20, 2018
2.Research Grant (Grant No. PGRS 160313) awarded by Universiti Malaysia Pahang | May 01, 2016.
3.Graduate Research Scholarship awarded by Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Universiti Malaysia Pahang | Feb 15, 2016 – June 14, 2017.
4.Award of Excellence as the Most Encouraging Academically awarded by the 2010/2011 graduates of the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria | Dec 11, 2010.
5.TOTAL/ELF Nigeria Tertiary Institutions Scholarships awarded by Total Nigeria Plc | Feb 20, 2007 – Dec 21, 2010